Small waste water treatment plants:

Type EC
    Entire small waste water treatment plants, type EC are made of plastic and packed. The tank and partitions are made of polyethylene. The waste water treatment plant consists of:

  • waste water inflow
  • mechanical pre-cleaning
  • zone of activation
  • after-settlement area
  • clarified water outlet
  • tertiary
  • inlet socket to mechanical pre-cleaning
  • inlet socket to tertiary

Sink waste waters flow through inflow into the fat catcher and primary sedimentation tank , where floating impurities are caught and insoluble substances get settled.
Such mechanically pre-cleaned water then passes to the activation - zone of oxygen injection that is being aerated by compressed air, produced by blower, via fine bubble aeration system, which keeps the activated sediment swimming. An organic contamination and ammoniac nitrogen are being eliminated here.
The activated composition flows in vertical direction further to the after-settlement tank, which is integrated in the zone of activation, through perforated pipes. The activated sediment is being separated from clarified water in the after-settlement tank, and it is then recirculated back to the zone of activation by the means of air lift pump or recirculating pump.
The clarified water drains via collecting trough into the water outlet and from there to a recipient. Depending on sediment settlement value, the excessive sediment is regularly repumped (by the means of air lift pump or recirculating pump) from the after-settlement tank into the storage segment of the primary sedimentation tank. WWTP technology has been tested out and verified in real life. It is integrated in new line of our products. Based on results of testing, the Ministry of health of Slovak Republic issued test certificate for the technology in the year 1996.


  • high efficiency of cleaning (97%)
  • low investment costs
  • water tightness of WWTP modular design
  • minimal power demands
  • reliable, no-failure operation even though waste water inflow is not continuous, even in winter
  • easy to operate and maintain, silent running and no bothering smell
  • modest preliminary work; no concrete encasement is needed, loose material filled round of it would be enough
  • we also provide turn-key projects: project documentation processing, delivery of WWTP, installation, commissioning
  • extraordinary fair purchase price and operating costs