Power factor controler NOVAR:


Adjustable parameters
powered factor desired0,80 ind. Až 0,90 kap.
connection time5 až 1200 sek
reconnection lockout time5 až 1200 sek
smallest capacitor current(0,02 - 2A) x conversion MTP
choke control limit power factor0,80 ind. Až 0,90 kap.
setting compensation section valuesautomatic or manual
setting connection modeautomatic or manual

Inputs - outputs
measuring voltageshared with supply voltage
measuring current0,02 až 7,5A
current input serial impedance<10mOhm
current measuring accuracy +/- 0,01A
harmonic components and THD measuring accuracy +/- 10%
number of output relays5,6 alebo 14
output relay load rating250 V AC/ 4 A
´Alarm´ relay load rating250 V AC/ 4 A
power supply230 V AC +10/ -20%, max 10VA
installation overvoltage classII according to IEC664

interfaceRS-232 galvanicaly isolated
transmition rate9600 Baud
max. number of instrument on one communication line 1/32
max. node-to-node distance30/1200m

Operating conditions
working enviromentclass B2 in complain with IEC654-1
temperature - operating -5°C +40°C
relative humidity10 až 75%

noise suppression levelclass A

Mechanical enclosure
enclosureIP 40/ IP 54
diameters230/105/320 mm
massmax. 1 kg